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Welcoming Pages (android-hola) alpha-v1.0 has Released

Most mobile apps portray their experiences about what their users could get later using Welcoming Pages . These pages shown on first time user opens the app. I portray the experiences using kitter and pupper images As you noticed on the title, I have released android-hola . It provides welcoming pages - so called activity by mobile developers - that can be shown on top of your activity. First, you need to add dependency to this library. build.gradle (project) allprojects {     repositories {       ...       maven { url '' }       ...   } } build.gradle (app) dependencies {   ...   implementation 'com.github.hendrickpras:android-hola:alpha-v1.0'   ... } Then, you can start HolaActivity using intent like code below. ... val intent = Intent(this, intent.putStringArrayListExtra(HolaActivity.imageUrls, resources.getStringArray(R.array.image_urls).toCollection(ArrayList ())) intent.putStringArrayList