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Offline Images on Welcoming Pages (android-hola)

Continuing from my previous post, now you can using offline images using alpha-v1.1 version.
First, you need to modify the dependency version. build.gradle (app) dependencies {

  implementation 'com.github.hendrickpras:android-hola:alpha-v1.1'

Then, you can start HolaActivity using intent like code below. ...

val intent = Intent(this,

/* intent.putExtra(HolaActivity.imageUrls, resources.getStringArray(R.array.image_urls)) */

intent.putExtra(HolaActivity.imageResourceIds, intArrayOf(R.drawable.ringtoss, R.drawable.drinks, R.drawable.glasses))

intent.putExtra(HolaActivity.pageLabels, resources.getStringArray(R.array.page_labels))

intent.putExtra(HolaActivity.buttonText, getString(R.string.welcoming_page_button_ok))


Once again, the numbers of imageResourceIds and pageLabels are depends on your welcoming pages number, as long as they are equals.
And you are about ready to go, again.